Publications & Performances

Some of the publications don’t exist anymore. It happens. That’s why we archive.


“Zine Libraries: A Source of Design Inspiration,” Communication Arts, July/Aug 2017

“The Best Lesson for New Readers Might Be The One They Teach Themselves,” GOOD Magazine, Oct 2015

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“Love in the Time of Wintry Mix: 12 Winter Dates in Brooklyn for 12 Neighborhoods,” Brokelyn, February 2015

“Learn Everything About Zine Making You Were Too Afraid To Ask,” Brokelyn, February 2015

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“10 Surprising Careers that Make You A Mint in New York,” Brokelyn, May 2014

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“ZAPP is Back: The Zine Library Hosts Reopening Party,” Three Imaginary Girls, Aug 2009

“Local Artist Spotlight: Mistress and the Misters,” Spokane SiDEKiCK, Feb 2007

Performances & Presentations

1 Oct 2017. Panel presentation on behalf of ABC No Rio Zine Library. “ARTZINES: Show and Tell.” Every presenter told stories about 10 zines based in NYC at Printed Matter, New York.

8 May 2016. Panel presentation as part of Lower East Side History Month. “Handling History: How do we preserve and present materials and knowledge from the social movements and subcultures we participate in, while staying true to their politics and spirit?” at ABC No Rio in New York.

16 Apr 2015. Co-Curator and facilitator of The Personal Experience of Surveillance’s interactive exhibit in “Storyscapes: A New Celebration of Interactive Storytelling” at Tribeca Film Festival. Read about the exhibit on the Wall Street Journal.

20 Sept 2014. Moderating and participating on the panel, “Personal Experiences of Surveillance” at the Silent Barn in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 

13 Aug 2014. Panel presentation. “Zines+ and the World of ABC No Rio: Zine Social” at Center for Book Arts, New York City.

28 Jan 2014. Panel presentation. “Zines and Handmade Publications: Possibilities for Personal Expression and Alternative Education” at Teacher’s College, New York City.

31 Jan 2012. Performance. “Release Show: One More For The People by Martha Grover” at Richard Hugo House, Seattle. I opened the show that featured performances by Martha Grover, Michael Heald, and the anonymous author of Love is Not Constantly Wondering if You’re Making The Biggest Mistake of Your Life.

15 June 2010. Performance. “Grandma ZAPP’s Rolling Thunderheart Mountain Variety Show” at Richard Hugo House, Seattle. A fundraiser for ZAPP Seattle featuring performances by Megan Kelso, Jim Woodring and more.