word poem: sub·​lime

sub · lime / “sə-ˈblīm” / definitions in verb, adjective, and noun use are provided below.

: to elevate or exalt, especially in dignity or honor

: lofty, grand, or exalted in thought, expression, or manner
: of outstanding spiritual, intellectual, or moral worth
: tending to inspire awe usually because of elevated quality (as of beauty, nobility, or grandeur) or transcendent excellence [I absolutely adore the smile of the young woman on the train opening a letter with her friend in the second photo]

: American ska band formed in Long Beach California in 1988 that became known for pop hits such as “What I Got” and “Santeria,” which you can still find being played (ironically or not) in dive bars everywhere from here to Japan. [My apologies, as there is only one line from “Santeria” that I can remember. 🤭]

[Photos expressing and describing some form or expression of “Sublime” one way or the other from scenic vantage points in 🇻🇳 Vietnam to hearing an acoustic cover of Sublime’s “Santeria” at a punk bar in Golden Gai in 🇯🇵 Japan ]