word poem: call

“Call” can be used as a verb or a noun. We’re going to focus on the verb. Towards the end, I’m going to provide you with a single definition and example for the noun form.

call |ˈkȯl 
intransitive verb

: to speak in a loud distinct voice so as to be heard at a distance : SHOUT
: to make a request or demand
: of an animal : to utter a characteristic note or cry
: to speak to or attempt to reach someone by means of a call with up
: to make a demand in card games (as for a particular card or for a show of hands)

: to make a brief visit

transitive verb

: to utter in a loud distinct voice —often used with out, as in “call out”
: to announce or read loudly or authoritatively
: to announce the play-by-play of (a sports event, such as a football game)
: to command or request to come or be present

UNICEF calls for an immediate humanitarian pause and safe access to scale and sustain lifesaving services for children. (Read full press release)

: to cause to come : BRING
: to summon to a particular activity, employment, or office
: to invite or command to meet : CONVOKE

International Rescue Committee: Too often, violators of international humanitarian law face no consequences. The IRC is calling for an end to an era in which laws intended to protect civilians are seen as optional. We have also called for more support for humanitarian workers who need to reach the most vulnerable people in crisis areas but are hindered by parties to a conflict. In his essay for Time, Miliband advocated for the General Assembly of the United Nations to establish an independent panel to monitor humanitarian access in Ukraine. (Read full press release)

: to rouse from sleep or summon to get up
: to give the order for : bring into action

Do you want to call : bring into action? Call congress and urge them to stop the United States military funding to Israel which is fueling the genocide and to open a safe passage for humanitarian aid into Gaza.

: to manage by giving the signals or orders
: to make a demand in bridge for (a card or suit)
: to require (a player) to show the hand in poker by making an equal bet
: to challenge to make good on a statement
: to charge with or censure for an offense
: to attract (game) by imitating the characteristic cry
: to halt (something, such as a baseball game) because of unsuitable conditions
: to rule on the status of (a pitched ball, a player’s action, etc.)
: to give the calls for (a square dance) —often used with off
: to demand payment of especially by formal notice
: to demand presentation of (something, such as a bond or option) for redemption
: to speak to or attempt to reach (someone) by means of a call (see CALL entry 2 sense
: to generate signals for (a telephone number) in order to reach the party to whom the number is assigned

As in, I opened up my laptop on a Saturday to submit my timecard. Upon connnecting ot the VPN, I noticed that my boss had tried to reach me at 4:50 PM. I told a friend about this. And her response was, facetiously, "Your boss messaged you at 4:50PM on a Friday. Call 911."

: to speak of or address by a specified name : give a name to
: to regard or characterize as of a certain kind : CONSIDER
: to estimate or consider for purposes of an estimate or for convenience
: to describe correctly in advance of or without knowledge of the event : PREDICT
: to name or specify in advance


: an act of calling with the voice.

As a writer, I want to write through all my communications, but I try to recognize that written communications aren’t always the best way to connect, and I can’t get too comfortable with emails and other text-based communications. It can be difficult to convey tone in text. It can be difficult to convey and listen to emotions in text. Sometimes when words start to feel too complex, I think of a time when I was training in a business development role. I shadowed a coworker who, upon receiving an email, he said, “We’re going to give them a call.”

I probably would have replied to the email, but I learned through calling you can learn even more from the other side, and it’s more effective at taking action.

Let’s give congress a call.

Representative Nydia M. Velasquez needs to clear their office voicemail box.