word poem: “uh·​huh”

uh-huh | interjection, particle | ˈəⁿ-(ˌ)həⁿ | repeated and separated by the voiceless sound


: interjection used to indicate affirmation, agreement, or gratification. (Merriam-Webster)
: particle imitative of non-verbal sounds used to indicate agreement or to allow the speaker to continue talking : YES, YEAH (Wikipedia)


: interjection, utterance or processing response that is used while hearing someone else speak.


: sound uttered by Logan Roy and other characters from Succession when they hear new information and use it to pivot a large business decision. That’s my theory, but there are others. When you look at the many conflicting submissions to define “uh uh” on Urban Dictionary, you start to see how this soft-sounding interjection can sound volatile in different contexts.

In a world where the people are so emotionally stunted and warped by a grasping need for power, a single “uh-huh” can reveal far more than a thousand words could.

(Source: Vice i-D)

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